Trade Secrecy

The cryptographically secure trade secret management system.

The Transactable Ecosystem

Copyright Website
International copyright protection and transactional rights management system.
Patent Gadget
Collaborative innovation generation and utilization system.
Cryptographically secure trade secret management system.

The Transactable Pipeline



A better way toSecure Secrets

Protect your secrets with cryptographically secure encryption and verification.

Protect your encrypted secrets and tokenize them as an NFT at the same time.

If you are skeptical about the idea of owning digital property, then you are not only denying capitalism on the internet...You are saying we are not going to have a collectively owned future. We are going to have a government-owned future and corporate-owned future.



The Future of Decentralized IP

Tokenize your Digital Assets

Our innovative copyright registration service provides unprecedented flexibility for monetizing your digital assets.